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March 2017


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On March 20 young people from El Quetzalito carried out the “Plastic Fair”, in which they carried out exhibitions, games made with plastic materials and food sales. In the presentations, young people exposed to the community the problem of plastic in their community, as well as the actions that they can make to reduce the use of this material and the proper management that can give clear the message of the Campaign: “IF SAM WANT TO ENJOY LESS PLASTIC YOU SHOULD USE”.

Thanks to the support of MarFund in the full interest in this project.


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Within the third week of March the team of Blue World Foundation (according to our research program), carried out the first monitoring of mega-fauna Marine in the Caribbean of Guatemala in 2017. This sampling was conducted using the methodology of remote underwater video stations with bait (BRUV’S). Sampling was carried out throughout the Caribbean of Guatemala, covering 12 seasons between marine pastures and coral reefs. The objective of the project is to determine the abundance of the marine mega-fauna on the Atlantic coast.


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From the 20th to the 24th of March, Blue World Foundation was at the Creek Chino Public School in Livingston, Izabal. During this visit, the elaboration of the mural on the marine ecosystem was followed. Mural that aims to change the negative perception that children have about sharks and rays in the Caribbean of Guatemala.

A special thanks to Rufford Foundation for the support provided in this project.


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Omoa Preservation Corps carried out the “Children’s Theatre of Sharks” in the community of Munch, Honduras. In addition, all the attending children were given a copy of the didactic and coloring book “Martin and his friends”.

The aim of these activities is to teach our future generations the importance of sharks in our marine ecosystems and to change the negative perception towards sharks. This project is a collaboration between Blue World Foundation and Omoa Preservation Corps in the execution. Thanks totally to the support of the United States Department of State, without its contribution this project would not have been possible.


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From the 6th to the 10th of March, Blue World Foundation visited the communities of El Quetzalito and Livingston in Izabal. “Martin and his Friends” is the name of the coloring book that was donated to 300 children. “Martin and his friends” is a didactic and entertaining book that has information about the biology, ecology, importance and problematic of sharks. We thank the U.S. State Department for the support it has given to the implementation of this project.