“The conservation of shark and ray populations has been since its inception, and continues to be at the heart of the FUNMZ mission.”

Our Causes

To achieve great changes we focus on three areas:

Applied research

To generate scientific information that advances the level of current knowledge of the sharks and rays and allows to influence the decision making at different levels in all the sectors, strengthening the actions of preservation and management in medium and long term.

Environmental Education and Leadership

To contribute to the construction of environmental and socially responsible societies through education and leadership, promoting the preservation and sustainable use of long-term marine-coastal resources, especially sharks and rays, and Ecosystems of which they depend in Guatemala, the region of the Mesoamerican reef system and the eastern Pacific.

Environmental sustainability

To promote the preservation of sharks and rays in the long term, through the adoption of best practices of sustainability in the different sectors of society, that foster the environmental, social and economic prosperity of the Mesoamerican region.


To protect the populations of sharks and rays in Guatemala, with a regional vision, through scientific knowledge and educational efforts, that generate awareness and transform human behavior.


A Guatemala that knows, values and protects its marine resources, in particular sharks and rays, as a source of social, environmental and economic prosperity.

  • Respect

  • integrity

  • innovation

  • inclusion and Participation

  • Permanency

Our Team

Meet the team that is making the dream of species preservation in the oceans.

Elisa Areano

Executive Director

Bachelor in economy

Ma. De Los Ángeles Rosales

Education and Leadership Coordinator

Bachelor in Aquaculture

Cristopher Avalos

Applied Research Coordinator

Bachelor in Aquaculture

Carlos King

Field Technician

Expert in Agronomy

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