Water Quest

It is the only technical diving center in Guatemala, with the greatest experience in decompression and closed-circuit rebreathers. It also has the TDI/SDI Centre and PADI Green Star certifications for being an eco-friendly company. It has the most highly trained PADI staff.


The National Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture – DISPESCA – manages the national hydro-biological resources through plans, strategies, programs and actions that allow the sustainable use of these resources, as well as the correct administration of the provisions Normative and legal in hydrobiological matter.

Healthy Reefs

Healthy reefs for Healthy People, is an international and multi-institutional organization that tracks the health of the Mesoamerican reef. The initiative was launched at the beginning of 2004 as a catalyst to improve collective preservation on the reef.

Proyecto Legado de los Tiburones

The Sharks Legacy Project works on the preservation of Sharks through scientific studies, education and collaboration of divers, local communities and the tourism industry. Their most important mission is to protect our sharks as part of our marine heritage.

Alium Pacific

The Allium Pacific Foundation is a multidisciplinary organization whose main objective is the social and environmental benefit in Colombia and Ecuador. To achieve its purpose, it carries out methodologies and actions that help to maintain in constant synergy its pillars of research, culture and environmental education.


The Center for Marine Studies and aquaculture – CEMA – belongs to the University of San Carlos de Guatemala – USAC. The CEMA offers its pensum of studies of hydrobiological resources and aquaculture, as well as a postgraduate course in coastal marine sciences.


The National Council of protected Areas is the governing body of the protected areas, both marine and terrestrial, in Guatemala. It is also the direct Alliance through the technical Unit-UTCONAP-of the Punta de Manabique-RVSPM Wildlife Refuge-in the department of Izabal.


Recreational diving and certification agency. SDI was created in 1998 and emerged from the success of its sister company TDI, which specializes in the most advanced disciplines of diving training.