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This shark has been baptized as Tiger shark because of some similarities with the terrestrial animal. This species, on the dorsal part, has a dark blue-tinted gray coloring, and multiple streaks and dark spots along its body, similar to a tiger, although these characteristics tend to fade with age. In the ventral part it has a particular coloration between white and light yellow. 

The Tiger Shark lives in shallow waters, in bays and estuaries. Its diet is varied and consists of fish, birds, marine mammals, mollusks and crustaceans. Its reproduction is Ovoviviparous, type of reproduction in which the mother feeds the embryos, found in eggs, inside her body and then at the moment of birth are released from the body of the mother. 

The International Union for the Preservation of nature has classified the tiger shark as “almost threatened” which for this species is considered a low risk, but still as a latent risk. 

Picture: Alan C. Egan