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From the 3rd to the 6th of October 2017 the first tour for the implementation of the project was carried out: “Environmental education program on the reduction of plastic, reuse and recycling for the preservation of marine ecosystems of Livingston, Guatemala”. 

This tour had its primary purpose in presenting in greater detail this project to the authorities of the chosen campuses to carry out this project; special meetings were held with Francisco Caballeros director of the INEB Augusta Blanca Rubio and with the director of the INED of Livingston Mitzi Alvarez. The last meeting to socialize the project was carried out with authorities of the Departmental Directorate of Education of Izabal, directed by Mr. Julio de León Sosa and his assistant Claudia Morales, where important contributions were obtained for the correct execution of the Project and its respective Vo. Bo. To work on the 2018. 

We very much appreciate the consent of the educational authorities of Livingston and Puerto Barrios to the projects that Blue World Foundation has prepared for the 2018 school year. 

Stay with us to know what this excellent project is, stay with us because…