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Environmental education for the benefit of LIVINGSTON

By 26 April, 2019 No Comments

The environmental education project with emphasis on the reuse, recycling and reduction of the use of plastic began in its region of execution in Livingston, Izabal. The project aims to create awareness and educate middle-level youth about the problematic, progressive damage and impact of single-use plastic products for our planet.

The project was initiated where it aims to create a comprehensive mechanism of information on all aspects revolving around plastic, from its origin and manufacture, damages and benefits of plastic for humanity to practical ways to reuse , recycle and unused plastic for the protection of Livingston ecosystems.

This first workshop was executed during the last week of January, this workshop, in addition to serving as an introductory presentation also served to explain fundamental and basic aspects about plastics. Aspects such as: manufacture, provenance, oil refining process, plastics properties, plastic divisions and other related topics were treated.

The success of the first tour was confirmed with the interest shown by the students on how to approach the topic using specific points; fundamental points were addressed on generalities of the chemical properties of plastics, processes of creation of the most common polymers and division of plastics, also gave a historical review on the first synthetic plastic created in the world In addition to its creator and how this had a historical impact on the world.

The first workshop fulfilled its goal of educating and laying the foundations for further understanding of the latent and constant damage of polymers to humanity, ecosystems and the world in general. Although it is true that the activity was successfully developed, its development was not entirely normal due to the problem facing the community every time it rains in the sector; the electric power stops working when the rains are strong, and because of them the service was irregular during the development of the first workshop so that in none of the activities were used all the tools that were planned, were all workshops were modified in such a way that they could be understandable to young people using the dynamic activities and examples, comments and opinions from the same young people.

The presence of Blue World Foundation was positive and highly accepted by the educational establishments and their students showing their interest in the activities that are to come and that will be developed throughout the school year in the Augusta Blanco institutes Rubio and the national diversified education of Livingston.

We give a special thanks to Rufford Foundation for the support provided so that this project can be carried out.