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By 4 December, 2017 April 26th, 2019 No Comments

We present the cover of our calendar of species 2018 that will soon be in our files shared on the website of Blue World Foundation.

 We keep what we love, we love what we know, we know what we have been taught. (Baba Dioum).

The calendar 2018 of Blue World Foundation seeks to disseminate the mission of the same in favor of the preservation of sharks. 

The people who use this calendar will be able to know some of the species that exist in the Caribbean of Guatemala, which are unique and have different biological characteristics, in their reproduction and feeding. In this way we will disseminate the importance of these majestic predators to the health of our oceans, because at this pace, many of these species are about to disappear. 

This calendar was made thanks to the effort of the graphic design student of the Universidad Rafael Landívar, Melisa Ortega. 

We also want to thank the photographers who allowed the use of their photographs, Alan C. Egan, Simon Rogerson, Alex St. Jean, Andy Murch, Eduardo Lopez Negrete and Discovery Communications.