Mundo Azul was born from an initiative, inspired by the observation of the symbiosis between people and the ocean, in their various interactions. A group of nature lovers dream for the conservation of ocean species. Its main objective is to provide with alternative livelihoods to boost economic sustainability and protect the seas.

        To stabilize the population of marine species in danger, especially sharks and rays in the Caribbean of Guatemala; through science and community strengthening which will provide the creation of alternative livelihoods', which eventually will substitute fishing.
        To promote the sustainable use of marine resources, especially sharks and rays in Guatemala's Caribbean, through social involvement and implementation of scientific and technical processes that will benefit coastal communities.

        Social Responsibility

        our causes

        To make big changes, we focus on 5 areas:

        Applied research
        Program aimed at the creation and development of scientific skills for our volunteer / practitioner, who integrates to the scientific research projects of the Foundation.
        Community Development
        Focused on programs to develop and improve life quality of fishing communities in the Caribbean of Guatemala, aiming to reduce the pressure on marine-coastal resources of the region.
        environmental education
        Focused on the transmission of knowledge about the environment and sustainable use of natural resources, both to children and young Guatemalans through activities and pedagogical strategies.
        volunteering/ Internship
        Program aimed at the creation and development of technical / scientific and social capacities of students or individuals who have shown interest in marine-coastal resources and their sustainable development.
        With the financial support of our donors and allies, we provide scholarships to the inhabitants of fishing communities of the Atlantic to open economic alternatives that make it possible to take advantage of the available natural resources.

        Lastest News

        Mundo Azul Foundation performs several activities focused on its 5 areas of work. Learn about the activities!

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        In the Caribbean there are at least 5 species of sea turtles. Sea turtles are endangered in several areas due to the collection of their eggs and the capture of their adult specimens. Sea turtles are reptiles that only land to bury their eggs.

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        The Nodriza or Gata shark is a shark specie that inhabits from shallow water to reefs. Its most notable features are: two barbillos that have on the upper lip and its two dorsal fins of almost the same size near the tail. These sharks feed mainly on crustaceans, squids, sea urchins and others.  

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        Perception changes
        Educational kits
        New species


        Meet the team that is working on the dream of the conservation of species in the oceans.

        Elisa Areano

        Elisa Areano

        Bachelor's Degree in Economics

        Executive Director

          Francisco Polanco

          Francisco Polanco

          Bachelor's degree in Aquaculture

          Research Coordinator

            Ana Hacohen

            Ana Hacohen

            phD in marine science

            Research Director

              Thalya López

              Thalya López

              Bachelor's degree in aquaculture

              Education Coordinator

                Marielos Rosales

                Marielos Rosales

                bachelor's degree in aquaculture

                Community development Coordinator

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